Business development program

Terms of the tender:
December 1 2020 — May 21 2021
In early 2020 Intersputnik launched a program for the development of space communications business in the member-countries.

Funding can be obtained by a national government or private company engaged in satellite business for at least three years, showing successful financial results for the last two years, and having a stable and positive credit history as well as all requisite licenses.

Regional Projects Development Division


Total amount available

up to $750,000

per project

up to US$ 1,000,000

for Intersputnik Signatories

How to obtain funding?

  • 1

    Let Intersputnik know of your willingness to join the program

  • 2

    Propose a business project meeting the requirements of the Program

    • Your company is engaged in satellite telecommunications business
    • Your company has been financially successful for the last two years
    • Your company has been operating in a member-country for three years
    • The company’s credit history is stable and positive
    • Your business project is realistic
    • There is no litigation
    • There are no limitations imposed by authorities
    • All requisite licenses are in place
  • 3

    Prepare the required documents and submit a request in the established format to join the Program

  • 4

    Win the tender

  • 5

    Obtain funding

    Funding under the Program can be provided either as a loan granted by Intersputnik for up to five years or by way of assigning to Intersputnik a share in the company’s authorized capital.

    The Directorate of Intersputnik will control if the borrower observes the conditions of financing and spends funds for the intended purpose. To do so, the Directorate may hire independent experts. Also, the Directorate may request information and documents confirming proper spending and demand that Intersputnik and the borrower sign an agreement on such control.

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