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Isatel LLC is an experienced telecommunications market player. Depending on customer requirements, a highly professional team will provide a full range of services to set up and operate ground satellite telecommunications networks, from designing to supporting a project technically.

How can we help?

Network designing

  • preparation of communication layout
  • link budget calculation
  • definition of equipment specifications
  • assistance in obtaining authorizations and licenses to use satellite capacity through Intersputnik

Equipment supply

  • all equipment required for a project can be delivered either from the warehouses of the manufacturer or those of Isatel LLC in Moscow or Khabarovsk to the installation site specified by the customer
  • in cooperation with its partners, Isatel LLC can gather and integrate hard- and software of various manufacturers into a single technical complex
  • jointly with its partners, Isatel LLC can carry out pre-delivery inspection and adjustment of equipment

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

  • all equipment supplied for a project carries a manufacturer warranty
  • for the period of repairs there will be made available similar equipment from a replacement pool
  • there will be provided concurrent network servicing including remote monitoring and specialist on-site visits
  • extra service packages can be purchased to increase network availability

Complete installation, hook-up and start-up

  • presentation of a full set of detailed recommendations to prepare a site for installation
  • equipment installation, testing and adjustment
  • completion of the required procedures for the customer’s access to satellite resources, making sure that teleport parameters meet the requirements of the satellite operator and regulators
  • delivery of the project to the customer, performance of acceptance tests as agreed with the customer

Lease of satellite resource

Isatel LLC can lease the required satellite capacity to the customer via Intersputnik both for a long or short period, including occasional use. If necessary, several satellites may be made available under a single project.

Technical audit of the project

When designing and operating a network, Isatel LLC can offer customers the following extra services:

  • analysis of a system’s efficiency while in regular service
  • recommendations to optimize the parameters of a network or upgrade it to make it more efficient or expand it
  • a list of recommendations for emergencies; making technical solutions available to minimize their consequences

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