Intersputnik Invites Tentative Bids for Tender Under the Business Development Program

Development Program
July 27, 2020

To make arrangements for the annual tender under the Program for the Development of Business in the Field of Space Communications in the Member Countries of the Organization (’the Program’) we are inviting interested companies to submit tentative bids for 2020.

Each bid needs to be presented as a letter of intent on the company’s letterhead in no particular form and should contain general information on the company and its proposed project specifying the amount of requested funding.

The timeframe for submission is August 1 through August 31, 2020. The call for your tentative bids aims at assessing the degree of companies’ interest in holding a tender this year against the background of the consequences of the new COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Please follow this link on Intersputnik’s website in the ‘Business Development Program’ section for more information on the Program, requirements associated with projects to be financed, and conditions of participation.

Please send your bids and questions to the Program address at

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