Mr. Hans-Joachim Schemel

Member of the Audit Committee

Born 1949 in Cottbus (Germany). Graduated from the Institute for International Relations, (Potsdam, GDR).

From 1975 to 1986 Mr. H-.J. Schemel worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Berlin, GDR). From 1976 to 1979 - Third Secretary (Head, Consular Section), GDR Embassy in Cairo. From 1981 to 1985 - Second Secretary (Head, Consular Section), GDR Embassy in Tripoli. Till August 1989 Mr. Schemel was Scientific Assistant / Lecturer  on “Diplomatic and Consular Law” at the International Law Department, Academy for State and Law Sciences (Potsdam-Babelsberg). From September 1, 1989 - International Legal Affairs Department, Ministry for Posts and Telecommunications. From October 3,1990 - Basic Structure Developments / Budgeting / International Satellite Communications Policy, Federal Ministry for Post and Telecommunications (Bonn). From April 1995 Mr. Schemel becomes well known and familiar in the satellite (communications) community. He represents the German administration and government in different functions (official representative, ITSO Assembly vice chairman, INTERSPUTNIK board member, IMSO / ITSO Legal Advisory Committee– restructuring / privatizing in four intergovernmental satellite organizations: INMARSAT, INTELSAT, INTERSPUTNIK, EUTELSAT where Germany is a member. From January 1, 1998 - Senior Executive Officer, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Berlin); from December 18, 2013 - Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (Berlin).

Married with two adult children.