New Express-Series Satellites Successfully Launched

Satellite Capacity
July 31, 2020

Lasting over 18 hours, the longest ever flight of the Proton-M launch vehicle paired with the Briz-M upper stage helped carry out the first dual launch of medium-class geostationary telecommunications satellites in the history of Russian space industry. After separation from the launch vehicle, it will take up to 160 days to insert Express-80 and Express-103 into their final transfer orbit at 80°E and 96.5°E, respectively. Both satellites are slated to be brought into use in early 2021.

Built by Russian company Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems using the Express-1000N bus, the satellites are intended for fixed and mobile service, digital video and audio broadcasting, high-bit-rate Internet access and data transmission over Russia and the CIS countries.

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