Press Release
June 14, 2013

At their latest joint session on June 4, 2013, the Board and the Operations Committee of Intersputnik decided to award Intersputnik Honorary Diplomas to the following representatives of the Member Countries in consideration of their contribution to the attainment of Intersputnik’s goals and objectives:

  • Mr. Baryalai Hassam, citizen of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Deputy Minister (Technical) of Communications and Information Technology of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan;
  • Dr. Harald Stange, citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, Chief Executive Officer, Romantis GmbH;
  • Mr. Bayish Nurmatov, citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, Advisor to the Director of the State Communications Agency under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, Director of the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications under Kyrgyz Razzakov State Technological University;
  • Ms. Magdalena Gaj, citizen of the Republic of Poland, President, Office of Electronic Communications of the Republic of Poland;
  • Mr. Dmitri Gudenko, citizen of the Russian Federation, Head of Service for Satellite Telecommunications and Transport Network Capacity Planning, Vympelcom;
  • Mrs. Lyudmila Mikhailina, citizen of the Russian Federation, Head of Television and International Sales Division, Russian Satellite Communications Company;
  • Mr. Andrei Mukhanov, citizen of the Russian Federation, Advisor to the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation;
  • Mr. Nikolay Orlov, citizen of the Russian Federation, CIS Regional Vice President, Eutelsat S.A.;
  • Mr. Yuri Prokhorov, citizen of the Russian Federation, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Satellite Communications Company;
  • Mr. Victor Strelets, citizen of the Russian Federation, Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of Morsviazsputnik, member of the Radio Regulatory Board of the International Telecommunication Union.

The Diplomas were presented by the Chairman of the Intersputnik Board Mr. Bayish Nurmatov.

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