2019 World Radio Conference

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December 2, 2019
On November 22, 2019 there came to an end the World Radio Conference (WRC-19). The Final Acts dealing with the Radio Regulations contain decisions based on the work done by approximately 3,400 delegates from more than 160 member-states of the International Telecommunication Union.

The Conference approved amendments to several clauses of the Radio Regulations. These amendments will noticeably influence both the space industry as a whole and Intersputnik’s current and future operations in particular. Of special interest to Intersputnik are the following changes: 

•    A different procedure of identifying affected networks in the planned FSS bands
•    A simplified procedure of coordinating a country’s first national network in the planned FSS bands
•    Limitation of a protected service area in the planned FSS bands to land only
•    An updated procedure to register networks in the planned BSS bands in the event of incomplete coordination
•    A definition of a stage-by-stage procedure of bringing satellite networks into use in NGSO
•    Introduction of a coordination procedure in the Q/V bands for NGSO satellite networks
•    An updated minimal set of information required when requesting the RRB to extend a regulatory deadline due to a delay with a piggyback satellite 
•    Giving up of a potential retrospective verification by the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau if a satellite network was duly brought into use and operated 
•    Updating of the possibility of assigning the functions of a notifying administration within the framework of intergovernmental satellite telecommunications organizations and confirmation of the ban on such assignment in other cases

A delegation of Intersputnik consisting of Technical Director Grigory Baitsur, Head of the International and Legal Service Elina Morozova, and Senior Manager with the Technical Department Evgeny Stepin took an active part in WRC-19.

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