Intersputnik Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Mongolia’s Telecommunications Industry

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September 9, 2021

Intersputnik will take part in a number of business events and celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Mongolia’s telecommunications industry.

Mongolia is one of nine countries that participated in the establishment of Intersputnik back in 1971. The vast territory and low population density – ranked 18th in terms of territory and 195th in terms of population density – made satellite communications an important element of the country’s ICT infrastructure. That is why Mongolia and Intersputnik closely and fruitfully cooperate throughout the organization’s history. The Communications and Information Technology Authority of the Government of Mongolia, which represents the country and acts as a national signatory of Intersputnik, thus participates in the development of the Intersputnik international satellite telecommunications system. At the same time, the Communications and Information Technology Authority of the Government of Mongolia determines the general policy for the development of satellite communications systems in the country.

You can learn about the history of space cooperation, implemented projects in the field of satellite communications and plans for the further collaborative work of Intersputnik and its Mongolian colleagues by visiting the organization’s stand at the anniversary exhibition DIGITAL NATION 2021, which will be held on 17-19 September 2021, in the capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar. The business program of the anniversary events is planned to include an online forum on the role of women in the ICT industry with Ksenia Drozdova, Director General of the Intersputnik, as a speaker.


The Postal and Communications Committee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia was founded on 19 July 1921, starting the history of the modern telecommunications industry of Mongolia. In 1968, an intergovernmental agreement for the creation of a communication station in the Orbita International Satellite System was signed. In 1970, the station was put into operation, and from that time Mongolia became a member of the “space club”. Today, all aspects of Mongolia’s information and communication industry are handled by the Communications and Information Technology Authority of the Government of Mongolia for the sake of the digital transformation of the country’s economy and accelerated development.

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