NatSatTel 2023: Key Trends and Opportunities in the Global Satellite Industry

May 17, 2023

On 1 June 2023, the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications and California based Satellite Market & Research international satcom news and analytics web portal, are organizing NatSatTel 2023 online conference on Key trends and opportunities in the global satellite industry. Virtual attendees of the event will include the world’s major satellite operators and service providers, analytics agencies, technology and equipment vendors, and other representatives of the global satellite industry. Among the speakers of the conference are experts from the world’s leading analytics agencies such as NSR, Euroconsult, Satellite Market & Research, and vendors, including Hughes Network Systems, ST Engineering iDirect, Gilat.

NatSatTel 2023 will be focused on discussing the current state of affairs in the global satellite industry and key drivers of the satellite communications and broadcasting market evolution, both in space and ground segments, in near future and in longer term. The event’s primary mission is to help the attendees keeping abreast of satcom industry news and trends, tracking pivotal changes in the industry and responding quickly.

One of NatSatTel 2023 sessions to be moderated by the representative of the Telecommunication Development Sector, International Telecommunication Union. This round table will address the younger generation involvement in solving the issues facing the global ICT industry, which comprises the satcom sector as well.

“For us, NatSatTel is a way to share a true vision of the market with our Member countries, Signatories and partners, as well as to discuss the satcom industry development trends,” says Ksenia Drozdova, Intersputnik’s Director General. “It is also essential to focus on current challenges of the global satcom industry and outline the potential of using new space technologies in various sectors, including humanitarian and other important social missions.”  

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