10th meeting of Intersputnik Operations Committee

Moscow, Russia
November 9–10, 2009
Attended by the delegations of INTERSPUTNIK Signatories, the 10th meeting of the Operations Committee was held in Moscow on November 10-11, 2009 on the invitation of the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) — INTERSPUTNIK Signatory from Russia.
The meeting was opened by the Chair of the Operations Committee Ksenia Drozdova, RSCC deputy Director General.
The delegates addressed a wide range of issues related to INTERSPUTNIK’s current performance and future prospects. A report on INTERSPUTNIK’s activity in the period after the previous meeting of the Committee was presented by the Director General of INTERSPUTNIK. The Directorate’s efforts over this period won a high appraisal. Also, the delegates reviewed a report presented by Igor Erlikh, President of INTERSPUTNIK’s subsidiary Intersputnik Holding, Ltd.
The delegates reviewed progress in the implementation of several joint satellite projects using INTERSPUTNIK’s frequency and orbit resource. It was noted that such projects were being implemented within the framework of the development strategy of the frequency and orbit resource approved by the Board and Operations Committee of Intersputnik. An advance telecommunications satellite is currently being built by Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems (Russia) for the international satellite operator SpaceCom. It will be deployed and operated in Intersputnik’s orbital position at 17E00. Our cooperation with our long-term partner ABS won a high appraisal. ABS uses its ABS-1 satellite at 75E00 and has started building ABS-2 to replace ABS-1. The Operations Committee instructed the Directorate to take measures so that both projects are a success.
The delegates positively appreciate INTERSPUTNIK’s cooperation with the Telecommunications Administration of the Russian Federation, which has been acting as a Notifying Administration with respect to several INTERSPUTNIK networks since mid-2009. It was pointed out that it would be advisable if the Telecommunications Administration of the Russian Federation performed such functions with respect to all INTERSPUTNIK satellite networks.
The Operations Committee discussed and approved a new version of the ‘Procedure of Filing Intersputnik Satellite Networks with the International Telecommunication Union and Securing their International Legal Protection’. For the Procedure to take effect, it needs to be approved by the INTERSPUTNIK Board.
Special emphasis was laid on INTERSPUTNIK’s financial and economic indices. The Operations Committee discussed this issue under a separate item of the agenda, approved INTERSPUTNIK’s Finance Plan for 2010 and made a number of other decisions.
The joint XXXVIII session of the Board and 11th meeting of the Operations Committee will be held in Danang, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in April 2010.

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