Intersputnik Appoints New Executive Director

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January 1, 2021
Elina Morozova has been appointed Executive Director of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications.

Having graduated with honours in 2004 from the Department of International Law of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, in 2008 Ms. Morozova was awarded the qualification of economist majoring in world economy by the same Academy. In 2010 she earned a Master’s degree in international business law from the University of Manchester (cum laude).

Ms. Morozova started her career at Intersputnik in 2005 by joining the organization’s International and Legal Service, which deals with international cooperation and legal support of the organization’s business. Starting from 2010 she headed this Service. Over these years, the International and Legal Service successfully supported current operations and major satellite projects involving Intersputnik, made sure that the organization performed its functions of an international organization, put into effect the assumption by Intersputnik of the rights and obligations under four United Nations treaties on outer space.

Intersputnik’s Executive Director is responsible for relations with the organization’s member-countries and national signatories, support of the activity of the Board and the Operations Committee as Intersputnik’s highest governing bodies, relations with the United Nations system including the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, cooperation with intergovernmental and nongovernmental industry-specific organizations, as well as for matters related to the organization’s being headquartered in Moscow, and contacts with competent government authorities.

Apart from working for Intersputnik Elina Morozova is engaged in extensive research having authored and teaching a course in international space law and telecommunications law within the scope of a master’s program in international public law at St. Petersburg State University. Ms. Morozova sits on the Board of the International Institute of Space Law and takes part in the activities of other international, regional, and national industry-specific not-for-profit organizations and communities. She published about forty academic papers including those dedicated to satellite telecommunications and various aspects of space activities.

About Intersputnik

Intersputnik is an intergovernmental satellite telecommunications organization headquartered in Moscow. It was founded in 1971 for the purpose of contributing to the consolidation and expansion of economic, scientific, technological and cultural relations through the use of communications and radio and TV broadcasting via satellite, as well as supporting cooperation and coordinating the efforts of the member-countries aimed at designing, operating and developing an international satellite telecommunications system. Today, Intersputnik unites 26 countries.

Enjoying the status of an intergovernmental organization Intersputnik files with the International Telecommunication Union orbit and spectrum resources in geostationary orbital positions, which are used to implement joint projects to establish new satellite telecommunications systems.

Cooperating with satellite operators on a long-term basis, Intersputnik offers customers the world over its frequency and power resource on geostationary satellites operating in various satellite systems. The Organization markets and sells satellite capacity belonging to Russian Satellite Communications Company and Russia’s Gazprom Space Systems, ABS, Azerсosmos, Eutelsat, Intelsat, and other regional and national satellite telecommunications operators. Through its subsidiary Isatel, Intersputnik provides full-scale services by designing, setting up and operating satellite telecommunications networks.

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