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May 23, 2012

Stefan Kollar

On May, 23, 2012, Mr. Stefan Kollar, Deputy Director General of the Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications passed away in Moscow after a prolonged grave illness. His decease is an irreplaceable loss to our Organization.

Mr. Stefan Kollar was sent to work for Intersputnik by the Ministry of Communications of the Czech Republic in 1992. In the twenty years of irreproachable service he worked his way up from Expert to Deputy Director General as an efficient leader with a high professional and business reputation, profound theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of satellite communications and telecommunications, financial and strategic planning. Mr. Stefan Kollar had many years’ experience in the field of international cooperation.

In the capacity of Deputy Director General Mr. Stefan Kollar was responsible for commercial, technological, financial and economic aspects of Intersputnik’s business. He made an important contribution to making Intersputnik financially and economically stable and supporting its progressive development. Under his guidance, Intersputnik became much more active commercially, and its revenues grew several times. It was owing to Mr. Stefan Kollar’s efforts that the operation of the Intersputnik system became highly reliable and responsive. With Mr. Stefan Kollar’s direct participation, Intersputnik implemented several large international projects to procure advanced telecommunications satellites. In the last several years, Mr. Stefan Kollar worked on a unique project to procure Intersputnik’s own space segment in cooperation with interested member countries of our Organization.

Mr. Stefan Kollar enjoyed a well-deserved authority with the global telecommunications community as a top-level professional, who skillfully combined protection of Intersputnik’s lawful interests with the art of finding mutually acceptable compromises with our Organization’s partners. Several years ago Mr. Stefan Kollar was elected full member of the International of Telecommunications Academy in recognition of his outstanding efforts in developing satellite telecommunications.

The memory of our untimely deceased comrade will live on in our hearts.

Intersputnik staff

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