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September 17, 2021

For the purposes of the implementation of the new long-term Development Strategy of Intersputnik, inter alia aimed at strengthening and increasing the efficiency of work with members, signatories and partners of the organization, the Intersputnik Directorate announces a regular newsletter about international satellite communications market that also provides reviews of interesting industry events.

Intersputnik will monitor publications, analytical reviews, expert comments in leading industry sources and websites on topical issues of the development of various global satcom segments, as well as all kinds of industry conferences, forums, round tables and workshops on a wide range of promising telecommunication and space technologies that are of interest for members, signatories and partners of Intersputnik.

Our newsletters are focused on:

‒               reviews of different sectors of the space industry;

‒               satellite communications: new technologies, contracts and transactions, launched and implemented projects;

‒               promising technologies and their convergence into ecosystems;

‒               satellite Internet: satellite Internet news, development of global and regional projects, maritime, IFC, the role of the satellite Internet in the development of cloud services and industry digitalization, government programs, contracts, new technologies, LEO and GEO systems;

‒               5G ecosystem: the role of satellite communications in the 5G ecosystem, 3GPP release 17, frequencies, regulation, satellite communications as a way to expand the coverage of wireless networks;

‒               satellite IoT;

‒               NewSpace: the development of private space, cubesats and new launch vehicles — "space technologies for all", the development of space startups, new space services as an interconnected complex;

‒               space technologies for achieving sustainable development goals and implementing socially significant projects.


The newsletter will be published in Russian and English. You can subscribe to Intersputnik news using the link.

At the same time, the Intersputnik Directorate will continue direct mailing of the detailed reports on significant industry events and other exclusive analytical materials to the members and signatories.

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